How people focus their attention.

April 19, 2022

Book: 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know About People

This section was dedicated to how people focus their attention and a lot of the research and science behind it. I thought selective attention and multitasking were interesting.

Selective attention:

Like reading, selective attention depends on how involved the person is and their goals (or maybe lack of). Selective attention can operate consciously and unconsciously. However, certain things can break your selective attention, like hearing your name, large images, animation, and videos.


Are you multitasking or task-switching? And if you say multitasking, the exception for that is if you are doing a physical task and a mental task simultaneously.  If you still say yes, ask yourself, are you actually good at it? Or are you just enjoying the experience? Are you more productive when you just hone in on one thing versus overwhelm yourself?  

Okay, I asked many questions, but I thought everything was exciting food for thought. It's really just for myself, but if you're still reading this, maybe you got something out of it.

*Photo Credit: Nong V

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