Scripting a job application tracker in Shortcuts.

April 29, 2022

TLDR: I made this helpful job application tracker shortcut. You should download it from my Dropbox and test it out!

Download the shortcut

HTDR: I have always been interested in coding. I think it’s incredible that a specific formula of characters can create something such as a website, app, etc… While I understand that scripting is not precisely hardcore coding, I never realized the potential of this overlooked app that comes with the iPhone (as well as the other Apple products like the iPad and the computers). There are a lot of possibilities! And with technology getting more advanced, those possibilities keep growing.‍

I am in a Facebook group called “Women of UX,” everyone is so helpful in job hunting, tips/tricks, etc… I have noticed a common theme of people asking for tips on keeping track of job applications. Honestly, I ask myself that same question. I say I will remember and write it down somewhere later, but later usually means never, especially when I could do it in just under two minutes.

The youtube rabbit hole: A little about me, I don’t watch TV, we don’t have cable, I hate commercials. But I watch YouTube (I have Premium – of course), I love learning new things, and YouTube “university” is fantastic. I stumbled upon a video on Shortcuts and scripting your own, and I had to watch it. I followed the tutorial, got the hang of it, and then had this idea for a job application tracker that stores all the information you inputted into Notes on your iPhone. It took me the better half of yesterday during my son’s nap times, but I finished it! You can personalize this shortcut too! If you do, please tag me with #blcshortcuts.

How to video on downloading & setting up the shortcut.

I also made a short video showing how to download the shortcut, an overview of the scripting, and using the shortcut. This video was created in Adobe Premiere Rush. Also, can we talk about this program for a second? This was my first time genuinely making with Premiere’s younger sibling, Premiere Rush, and I created most of this on my phone. How cool?! However, I can already see many of the limiting factors with this program. I do not have much experience (apart from playing around) with Premiere, but Rush lacks a lot of the program shortcuts that I feel most design programs use. I’m referring to the holding option to duplicate and other things that I realize I take for granted and don’t think about twice until I can’t do it. I have not yet tried to use this app with my iPad. I’m interested to see how that is.

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