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March 25, 2022

- Observe with Couth -

I had the privilege of helping out Vonne Visuals with his logo recently. The purpose of this logo is to be a watermark for his photography, so this needed to be short and sweet while also being bold enough to be seen in his work. His vision: two Vs, just unsure on placement. After some adjustments, this offset logo was perfect because it really embodies the style that he is going for. When I look at this logo, I see movement, it's pointing forward.

My process:

Changed the V into a shape, exaggerated, and then offset the V.

Vonne Visuals can always add color later, but my rule of thumb is if the logo doesn't look good in black and white, you are probably not headed in the best direction.

The typeface used:


Vonne Visuals

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